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About Us

Since its opening in 1928, residents of Westwood, NJ and surrounding communities have chosen Westwood Cinemas when they want to enjoy the latest movies in an ornate theater with art deco architectural elements that celebrate the Golden Age of the Silver Screen.

Our History

pascackWhen our art deco styled movie house opened as the Pascack Theater in 1928 on Center Street in downtown Westwood, our first patrons enjoyed our opening feature, The Skyscraper, a silent film starring William Boyd. During the early years of our theater, audiences enjoyed Vaudeville shows as well as movies. By the 1930’s, the Pascack Theater had gained popularity as favorite place to go on a date, especially with the introduction of talkie during this era. As time progressed, the Pascack Theater became one of the most recognizable landmarks in downtown Westwood.

Eventually, United Artists purchased the Pascack Theater and converted it into a multiplex cinema. While, unfortunately, two murals were lost during the renovations, a great deal of the art deco architectural elements survived. When our current owner, Spiros Papas, purchased the Pascack Theater in December 1996, he restored the art deco features of the theater, bringing back the cinema’s unique ambiance. In addition, in 2013 Spiros upgraded the sound system and added digitalized 3-D screens.

The Westwood Movie Theater Today

People of all ages enjoy coming to our theater because of our family-friendly atmosphere and the one of a kind ambiance of our art deco styled cinema. Since we have plenty of parking for our guests and we are near many local restaurants, our downtown Westwood Cinemas continues to be a popular destination for date nights. To show our appreciation for the community’s support for almost a century, we offer a variety of fundraising programs for local non-profits, PTA’s, scout troops, and other groups. Call Roger Tashjian at (201) 925-9229 to learn more about our fundraising programs.

Join us to enjoy a movie tonight at Westwood Theaters. Check our current features and show times by clicking here.

Join us to enjoy a movie tonight at Westwood Theaters.

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